The Harbour Store is proud to provide a unique shopping experience localized to our customers.

We curate a selection of the best brands in the world, ensuring that when you shop with us, you only receive top-quality items. With our world-class delivery service, your products will not only arrive at your doorstep but also in impeccable condition. Experience the difference with The Harbour Store.

For Our Customers


Shopping without borders is now localized to best serve our customers in the European Union and the African Union*. Shop without limits, anytime, anywhere and never miss a deal! With our platform, the world is your shopping mall.​


Never miss out on the products you love - our platform has it all, from the latest trends to timeless classics. Shop with us and discover a world of endless possibilities from Africa to Europe.​


We’ve made shopping easy. With a uniquely crafted ubiquitous shopping experience that gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions in real time - all you need to do is checkout and we'll do the rest.​


What Our Customers Think
Jeremiah MasekoCustomer

The website is so easy to interact with and the live feedback keeps you on the loop on what it needs to be added in form.

Lehlogonolo PhalaCustomer

One of the easiest shopping experiences I've ever had. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with customs when my order arrives in the country.