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At The Harbour we aim to maintain transparent pricing with our customers. To all our customers residing outside of the European Union (EU), this means that pricing upon access to our marketplace is displayed without duties, taxes, VAT and other applicable fees. It must also be noted that pricing outside of the Euro is subject to change depending on real time exchange rates. The reason for this pricing scheme is due to the various countries we ship to outside of the EU and therefore the landed cost is displayed at checkout once a delivery address has been entered.

To all of our customers in the EU, pricing is displayed with VAT and other applicable fees. In the event an item is purchased outside of the EU, VAT, duties and other applicable fees will be the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise explicitly stated at checkout – the price will display a message stating duties, VAT and other fees are “INCLUDED“.

We will be continuing to develop our platform to provide a more seamless shopping experience for all our customers in bringing Europe and Africa into a single online marketplace.


The Harbour va commencer ses activités dans l'Union européenne


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