Affiliate Program

affiliate program
Qualifying products and product categories specified below outline the commission earned on sales from referrals.
Categories Commission
Gift Cards 0.0%
Computers, Computer Components 1.5%
Televisions, Headphones 2.0%
Kitchen 4.0%
Fashion, Apparel, Accessories 5.0%
Health & Beauty, Cosmetics, Hair 3.0%
Other Categories 2.5%
How often are payouts scheduled?
Once an affiliate has reached a minimum amount of €20, all commissions accrued that are older than 30 days will be paid out to the affiliate.
What currency will I be paid in?
All registered affiliates with The Harbour will be paid out in the Euro.
How do I get paid?
All affiliates during the registration process must provide a valid email address that is linked to a valid PayPal account in order to get paid.

Please check this page often as more detailed affiliate rates and rate changes may be published without notice.